Skin Care

Providing clinically tested product solutions for younger, clearer, firmer and more even-toned skin.

Product Types: Kits

Acne Fighting Trio

  • Keeps working day and night to clear skin and prevent future breakouts
  • Attacks acne by reaching deep into the pores to kill bacteria
  • MICROSPONGE technology continuously releases actives providing gentle cleansing for all skin types
  • Contents: 4-oz. balancing cleanser, 2-oz. daily healing cream, 2-oz. nightly repair cream
Balancing Cleanser

Cleanses and exfoliates without any harshness to the skin. Thoroughly cleans deep into pores removing excess oil and impurities, while leaving skin feeling fresh. Helps treat blemishes and future breakouts.

Daily Healing Cream

This lightweight formula clears blemishes without drying out the skin. MICROSPONGE continuously releases salicylic acid to provide shine and oil control without irritating the skin for all day acne fighting.

Nightly Repair Cream

This gentle cream works while you sleep to kill bacteria while reducing skin oiliness. MICROSPONGE continuously releases benzoyl peroxide throughout the night for gentle cleansing.